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What is silica gel breather?

Silica gel breather

, sometimes referred to as Dessicant breather, Dehydrating breather or Transformer breather is an accessory cylindrical in shape, which is fitted to the conservator tank of the transformer through a pipeline that serves as the breathing point of the transformer.

Silica gel breather

prevent moisture and remove dust particles from ambient air coming into contact with an electrical transformer's insulating liquid when air is breathed in by the transformer and make sure that the air entering into the transformer is free from moisture and dust particles.

How do Silica gel breathers work?

The transformer during its operation inhales and exhales atmospheric air as the atmospheric temperature varies with time which is called transformer breathing. At high temperature, oil in the conservator tank expands and the oil level moves up thereby expelling the air out to compensate the extra volume of oil. Similarly at low temperature, oil in the conservator tank contracts and the oil level goes down thereby allowing the atmospheric air inside to compensate for this decrease in volume. Silica gel breathers are connected to the breathing pipe that comes out of the conservator and this process of air in and out is carried out through the silica gel breather. Hence the air that is sucked in from atmosphere will pass through silica gel breather filled with silica gel which adsorbs the moisture in the air and makes sure only dry air reaches the conservator tank. Silica gel breather also contains an oil cup at the bottom which catches any contaminations/dust particles in the air. Hence the use of silica gel breather avoids any possible moisture ingress or contamination of transformer oil, which consequently prevents any damage and increases transformer life.

What material is filled in silica gel breather?

Silica gel breathers
are filled with
Blue Silica gel
Orange Silica gel
(Indicating Type) which has the moisture absorption capacity and signals the saturation degree by changing its color. Transparent portion of the breather is used to check

Silica gel

color.Clear View Oil Cup filters the dust particles and allow them to settle in the oil and hence only dry air is breathed in by the transformer.

When should I replace silica gel in transformer?

When the Silica gel is fully saturated, it changes its color and will no longer absorb moisture signaling that it needs to be reactivated or replaced. Blue Silica gel will turn into pink and Orange Silica gel will turn into green when it is fully saturated indicating that it needs to be replaced.

What are the other applications of silica gel breather?

Silica gel breathers

are also used in gear boxes where it allows the transmission to breathe air when the air inside transmission expands or contracts due to heating and cooling of lubricating oil thus preventing unnecessary overheating issue.

How do you select a breather?

Transformer breathers

are available in various sizes and the appropriate one is chosen based on the transformer electrical rating and oil quantity.

Technical Specification : Silica gel Beather made of Aluminium top and bottom with Powder coating; Transparent Acrylic or Polycarbonate centre portion to check silica gel condition; clear view Polycarbonate oil cup- Screwable type; Air tight Nitrile rubber O-Ring; 6mm center steel tie rod; Connection: 1/2 or 3/4 or inch BSP thread or Flange Connection;

250 gm DTO-1 300 KVA 450 Litres
500 gm DTO-2 500 KVA 750 Litres
1 Kg DTO-3 2000 KVA 1400 Litres
1.5 Kg DTO-3T 5000 KVA 3000 Litres
2 Kg DTO-4 7500 KVA 4500 Litres
4 Kg DTO-5 8000 KVA 7500 Litres
5 Kg DTO-6 10000 KVA 15000 Litres
6 Kg DTO-7 15000 KVA 21000 Litres
8 Kg DTO-8 20000 KVA 27000 Litres
10 Kg DTO-9 25000 KVA 32000 Litres
Transformer breather 250gm
MTC breather 250gm
Silica gel breather 500gm
MTC breather 500gm